Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (India)--印度食品科学与技术协会



  The Association of Food Scientists and Technologists has been in existence since August 1957 and is registered under the Karnataka State Societies Act. This is one of the biggest Associations in the country reaching global platform through professional membership of scientists, technologists and engineers who are tomorrow's professionals. Today, its membership is around 3,000 food scientists and technologists around the globe.

  AFST(I) membership is open to all food professionals engaged in academic, industrial and other related activities. It has a well-written constitution, which forms the backbone of guidelines by which the Head Quarters and Chapters are functioning through their elected Central Executive Committee (CEC) and Local Executive Committees (LECs) respectively. The election of Office Bearers to these committees, their powers and functions are part of the constitution. One of the fundamental duties of the Association is to bring together members on a platform along with the experts in the field not only from India but also from abroad, along with the captains of the industries to share the commonalities of the cutting edge technology in today's changing scenario. It is in this context that the Association organizes the annual conferences ICFOST , which is attended by a large number of scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, and it hosts an international conference IFCON once in every five years. The two journals, the Journal of Food Science and Technology and the Indian Food Industry are the flagships of AFST(I) activities. Receiving one of the journal being the privilege of an AFST(I) member.